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You may want to review some child development theories and concepts before proceeding. Child development is a broad field, encompassing physical as well as intellectual and emotional growth. Physical growth can be easily observed and measured with simple tools such as a scale or measuring tape.

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However, mental, emotional, social, and moral growth are more difficult to measure and appreciate. Though children do clearly progress over time in their development of these less physical attributes, the ways that these changes reveal themselves are subtle and complicated.

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Child development experts have come up with a variety of abstract theories in order to make it possible to describe, discuss and measure growth and development patterns occurring in these areas. In the present article, we make an assumption that you are already somewhat familiar with these theories, including theories associated with Erickson , Piaget , Vygotsky, Kohlberg and Brofenbrenner. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to take a look at our Child Development Overview article which begins the series.

The present document builds upon theories, concepts and ideas introduced by these authors which were first introduced and described there. Following the pattern established in prior child development documents, we start by describing the ways that middle-childhood-aged children change physically, and then go on to describe similar changes that children experience with regard to their intellectual and cognitive development including their language skills , and their social, emotional and moral developments.

We end the document with a discussion of middle-childhood-aged children's changing ideas about sexuality and sexual identity as they approach and enter puberty.