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One year of comprehension instruction is rarely sufficient, even when provided by a highly skilled and experienced teacher who has implemented the shared language of QAR. Further, texts increase in complexity from primary grades to middle school, and students benefit from practice extending their knowledge of strategies to new and more complex situations, while learning new tools to support their comprehension of more challenging texts.

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The importance of a multiyear approach holds across all schools. However, it is especially salient in schools serving a high proportion of students who struggle with reading and writing. These students definitely require two, three, or more years of coherent instruction in comprehension instruction—the more, the better! Professional Book and CD You are about to leave our Partner site. Please complete your order now!

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We will contact you when the item is available. This item does not qualify for OUR member pricing. Grades: 2 - 3 Less A research-based approach for improving comprehension, Question Answer Relationships QAR has been helping students achieve in reading for more than 20 years. Like the third pig, I want a safe house to live in, but I also want a fun house. I have seen pictures of amazing luxury or fancy tree houses. They look like they are strong and would last for a long time. Living in one of those houses would be great fun.

You would be close to nature but still safe and comfortable in your fancy house. I answered the question on my own.

FREE PDF QAR Comprehension Lessons: Grades 2-3: 16 Lessons With Text Passages That Use Question

The text did not really help me find my answer. It was my own ideas and opinions.

However, it is one of the QAR types and encourages creative thinking. After modeling each question type, read a new passage with the students, present them with a series of questions, work with them to identify the types of questions, and determine how to find the answers. To begin, guide students with more teacher support until eventually, they are ready to apply the strategy on their own. Slowly, begin to step back or release responsibility for learning to the students.

Lesson plan 3 -- Question Answer Relationships (QAR)

You may ask a question, prompting students to give you the category it fits under. Then together you may come up with possible answers.

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For example, as you continue to read The Three Little Pigs, you may ask students a question, help them determine the type of question, and then how to find the answer s :. This question has a few key words that help me know I can find the answer in the text, but I am going to have to search for it.

What type of question do we need to look for our answer in multiple parts of the text?

  1. Guide Students to Answers According to Question Type: The Question-Answer Relationship;
  2. Nim list comprehension;
  3. Age With Success.
  4. The Nexus Colony.
  5. We may have to look in several different places. Help me look back in the book and see if we can find the different houses each pig built [Together as a class, you will search the book and come up with the correct answer of straw, sticks, and bricks]. Next, you may ask a question and have students work in small groups to decide on the question type and how to answer it.

    At each stage, it is important to help students develop the vocabulary to determine the type of question and provide information on how to answer it.

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    Depending on the type of question asked, this could include comments about using key words, looking in different places for information, or using what students already know to help make a guess at what would happen next. Once students can identify the question type and how to formulate answers, have them work with partners and eventually on their own to identify and answer questions.

    Students who can independently use the strategy should apply it without teacher prompts or support when asked a question or responding to a written question about a text they are reading, such as a test or workbook activity. Students will be able to identify the questions being asked, how to locate answers in the text, and draw from their own opinions and experiences. By doing so, their overall understanding of what is being asked, and thus their comprehension, will increase.

    Teachers who embrace the practice of teaching students to identify what types of questions they are being asked are preparing students to engage in a lifelong journey of seeking answers and broadening understanding through reading. QAR Questions and Answers by Type: A guide to use when teaching students the QAR strategy to help teachers plan which questions to ask for the four question types and an answer that might be given.

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    Question-Answer Relationships

    Readers are prompted to look within the text for key words or phrases used in the question to find the answers. The answers provided will be very similar as there is often one best answer. Think and Search: This type of question can be answered using information from within the text, but it is not clearly located in one spot. Readers need to think and search several sections of the text to find pieces of information and then piece them together to come up with an answer. Author and Me: Answers to these questions are not found solely in the text.

    Using information from the text and their own background and experiences, readers will make inferences to help answer the question. While the answer is not clearly in the text, the reader does need to read it to fit it all together.