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John Timbrell.

4th Edition

Research into the biochemical basis of toxicology has expanded rapidly over recent years, amidst concerns over the adverse effects of drugs, environmental pollution and occupational hazards. Following on from the acclaimed first two editions of Principles of Biochemical Toxicology, John Timbrell has expanded the text to include: summary sections questions and model answers thoroughly revised artwork These features, plus the new easy-to-read format will make biochemical toxicology more accessible to undergraduates and postgraduates coming across the subject for the first time, particularly when undertaking self-directed study.

This comprehensive textbook provides a thorough explanation of dose-response relationships; disposition and metabolism; toxic responses to foreign compounds, and detailed examples to illustrate mechanisms of toxicity. Contenido Preface. Measurement of doseresponse relationships. Review questions.

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Answers to review questions Derechos de autor. Walker , R. Sibly , S.

Ecotoxicology - 3rd Edition

Lethal toxicity tests. LC50, LT50, etc. Energy Budgets; 5. Reproductive indices.

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Community structure and variations in life history. Resilience, stability and inertia at ecosystem level. Structural and functional attributes. Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Test Methods.

Principles of Ecotoxicology

Different types. Different aims: to measure impact, to set pollution controls, use of bioassays: 6.

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  6. Role and significance of different levels of tests. Single species, vs multispecies tests. Microcosm and mesocosm tests. QSARS; 6.

    Bioassays, molecular biomarkers. Exposure assessment and Dose Response Assessment. Risk assessment, analysis and management; 7. Approaches and methods adopted by EU; 7. Case Studies will be reviewed to illustrate the above concepts.