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This meant trying to speak to as many people as I could. I offer my own take on the music and on some events, but the bulk of the book is based on what I have been told by those that were there at the time.

Pigs Might Fly: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd

It's very much their story Having been a fan of Pink Floyd since the late '70s "one of the first gigs I ever saw was The Wall at Earls Court in August " Mark had a good grounding in his subject. There were a couple of things that surprised him though, during his research: "I went in planning to question some of the myths and stories around Syd Barrett; only to end up encountering even more.

Nobody knows or can recall exactly what happened. The discrepancies and contradictions are fantastic, and, I'm afraid, only add to the legend.

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He was also surprised to find out "just how integral Rick Wright was to Pink Floyd's sound. It wasn't until you spoke to engineers, producers, ex-managers, ex-band members that I realised just how much other people thought Rick contributed. The first thing that strikes you when you pick up the book is that it is no slender pamphlet. Running to more than pages, plus some sixteen pages of, in some case previously unseen, pictures, it has room to provide proper coverage to their history.

On the subject of the pictures, there's some cracking early shots which we've not seen before, including early David Gilmour shots such as him entertaining his family at home on Christmas Day, ! Mark's talk, above, of the "discrepancies and contradictions" can be seen in the text. Rather than many previous authors have done, Mark shies away from making his own judgement on what actually happened in one of these confused situations, instead giving the main protagonists' own points of view and letting the reader make up their own mind as to what occurred.

Pigs Might Fly the Inside Story of Pink Floyd

For me, this was a sensible approach, and it puts into some perspective the conflicting information found in older books which have tended to side with one band member's recollections or points of view. One of the other issues I have with a number of the other books is the segmentation of events.

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For my money, this is the first time that the band's story has really been told within a proper timeline, showing how side projects and personal life have impacted, and influenced, matters and music alike. For too long, things like the movie soundtrack projects have been mentioned in isolation as a side note almost, without showing that they were actually key events in the development of the band's direction and sound.

Mark has very ably addressed this and for once, public and personal events are interwoven and can be seen as the major influences that they indeed were.

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  • And thanks to Mark's many years in the music press arena, it isn't a dry, or "trainspottery", read either - die-hard fan and uninitiated newcomer alike will thoroughly enjoy the book! As mentioned earlier, there is plenty of competition when it comes to Pink Floyd books.

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    Now, Mark Blake's superbly comprehensive and engrossing history of the group, rightly acclaimed as the definitive book on the band, has been fully revised and extended with new interviews to bring the story up to date with the recent appearances of David Gilmour and Nick Mason with Roger Waters at a London date on his The Wall tour. Your name required This field is required. Your email required A valid email is required. Recipient's email required A valid email is required.

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