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Made in the USA, tough as nails, and beautifully styled. What more could you ask of luggage? Maxwell Scott Bags.

An English company making hand-crafted Italian leather products for sale in the United States — how multicultural! Fantastic bags and briefcases for the classy traveler. So I've traveled every month for the last 6 months — the bag that's flown with me? Right here. I love the checklists, all the pouches, the quality of the build to include sturdy handles and telescopic handle. A great traveling man's tool. For the perfect belt fit — and a sharp look! Brown, Diem Jeans. If you really love your dad, and he really loves jeans, introduce him to Christopher of Brown, Diem.

This is true bespoke denim — tailored to each customer from start to finish. South American style made right here in the USA. Off-the-rack dress shirts are huge in the waist. They don't even come close to fitting slender or athletic men. They make sweaters, too, just as slim-fitting.

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Monte Carlo Tailors. Bespoke clothing at value prices. Raja is from Bangkok, so you'll be working with him remotely, but he's happy to Skype and does a great job. A good friend and someone whose work I'm very impressed with. Lucchese Classics Boots. A trusted brand, a classic style, and fantastically sturdy leather.

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What more do you want? True cowboy. Black Socks Subscription Service. High-quality socks delivered every month or at other intervals of your choosing. Wouldn't you like to never have to shop for socks again? Way better than the Cheese of the Month club. Colorful yet classy. The perfect sharp-casual meeting place between black dress suspenders and bright red or tape measure print lumberjack suspenders.

Perfect for old-fashioned fathers who prefer braces to belts. Kent Clothing Brushes. Simple, elegant suit brushes.

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The nicer the brush, the more likely someone is to use it, right? Get the nice one and encourage good habits. One handle comes with two heads: a tube-style trimmer for noses and ears, and a flat shaping tool for trimming beards, sideburns, and necks. Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Set. Tiny and sturdy, with a leather carrying case and a lifetime sharpening guarantee. Perfect for air travel, now that the TSA is allowing tweezers again!

Something that really works for cracked hands, without all the fruity smells and oily feel.

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So, I don't have a beard. Instead I rely on the advice of men in my network who do. If you or your dad have a beard — you really need to check out these quality oils made by my friend Doug at Can You Handle Bar. The classic double-edged safety razor. Heavy steel shaves smoothly, and the replacement blades are about ten to fifty cents a pop at any drugstore. FAST, double-sided scanning that saves straight to your computer, or to cloud storage services like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Just the basics: a small, lightweight MP3 player with plenty of storage space and a microSD slot for expanded memory.

It's not the latest and fanciest iPod, and that's because it's not trying to be. Technophobes can learn to handle this one, and the battery life is massive compared to an iPod or iPhone. As an added bonus, mine survived an accidental trip through the washer and dryer, so you know it's sturdy…. A one-step adapter for tripods to make them smartphone-compatible. Adjusts to fit different brands and models, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Tiffen 72mm UV Protection Filter.

A simple, lightweight filter you can leave on your camera at all times. Filters out UV light, reducing wash-out and blue tint, especially on shots taken at high altitude or across water. As an added bonus, it provides an additional layer of protection between the lens and any dirt, grit, and moisture.

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A simple, sturdy case that flips open to make a stand for an iPad. Wakes the iPad up when it opens and puts it to sleep when it closes.

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Comes with a stylus loop and an elastic hand strap for comfortable holding. Available in different sizes for all models, including the Mini and Mini 2. Nikon mm Telephoto Zoom Lens. The glass is where it's at, and this one brings business. A basic Nikon camera body plus this baby equals good photos, all the time. Forget lugging around dozens of speciality lenses.

This one will make most hobby photographers happy than any number of specialized options. Mounts on top of the computer, replacing the tiny little built-in thing forever. Any Kindle makes a great gift. This is still one of our favorite styles. But really, take your pick. Lots of outlets with plenty of space between them. Just what every home entertainment system needs. Has Dad launched a second career or from-home business? Style, technology, health, fitness, and travel — all the good things in life, targeted specifically at men.

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A great subscription for anyone with a Y-chromosome. Jonathan Haidt unpacks the psychology behind ancient philosophies, explaining what does — and doesn't — work from our history's most famous teachings. Man's Search for Meaning. For the deep thinkers: a psychologist's argument for a meaningful life, drawing on his own experiences as a Holocaust survivor.

Heavy stuff. It's been called one of the most influential books in America, and for good reason. National Geographic Traveler. More beautiful destinations than even the most dedicated vacationers can reach — but happily, the fantastic National Geographic photos are almost as good as really being there.


Popular Mechanics. The classic tinkerer and do-it-yourself guy magazine. A favorite for generations. If Dad already has all the tools you were thinking about getting him this year, try a subscription instead. The Wall Street Journal. Still some of the best news reporting in America. Take the editorial page with a grain of salt they don't have a comics section, so they gotta put the funnies somewhere , but you can't find a better daily subscription to give as a gift, especially if Dad's been complaining about a local rag that gets crummier every year.