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By Bo Wilson. By Brian Guehring. Based on the characters and mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Adapted by Michael Menendian and John Weagly. The pursuit of the thief leads Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to Covent Garden Market and all over the streets of wintery London. Based on the film by Frank Capra. By Pat Cook. Please wait Welcome to Dramatic Publishing! Cart No Items in Cart. Toggle navigation Site Navigation. Home Browse Full Length Plays. Full Length Plays. Currently Filtered by:. Clear All.

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Christmas Drama Mary and Joseph Part

He tells his story in this monologue. Duration: 10min Actors : 1M. Summary : A family with little understanding of Christmas beyond the commercial discover something of the true meaning through some interactive fairy tales. Original Story by Nan F. And now, I would like to share it with you. It was Christmas Eve, and after Bobby carefully hung his stocking above the fireplace, he climbed the stairs to his room.

He was looking forward to finding out what was in those packages under the Christmas tree! Before he had gone up to his room, though, Bobby and his dad sat by the Christmas tree for their daily Bible reading. He whispered them over and over until he fell asleep. Was it morning? Was his dad calling to him already? He jumped out of bed and pulled on his clothes.

He hurried downstairs. But all was still, and no lights were on. And the Christmas tree was gone! No stocking hanging above the fireplace, no wreaths in the window, and no presents! Summary : Prophets Micah and Isaiah discuss their visions of the future Christmas.

In this, the Spirit takes Scrooge back in time to see the arrival of Jesus, and subsequent events through to His crucifixion. Duration : 30min? Actors : A large cast, the majority non-speaking. The scripts are best used in the order given, as they kind of have a succession to them. The characters play off of the previous character's lines a little bit. As the monologues are being delivered, the hearer will be guided through soul-searching questions about their own commitment to Jesus and how they are letting God use them to further His kingdom.

Some of the humor would be best suited to be used for Youth. Feel free to tweak these scripts to suit your audience. Style : Dramatic with light moments. Summary : The Christmas story told through Matthew and Luke as they expound upon the Nativity in their actual Biblical words while their narration unfolds with the other actors performance.

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Summary : The three Wise Men's camels are not impressed with the journey they are being taken on. Duration : 7min. Summary : It is a few years before the year zero CE. The birth of the Messiah has unexpectedly been brought forward, and Archangel Gabriel puts a young and inexperienced Events Management Team in charge of taking care of proceedings on earth. In fact, most of the time, things seem to go wrong.

Style : Comedy, mostly. Summary : Teenaged Jasmine, granddaughter of one of the Magi, decides to disguise herself and join the caravan following the star of Bethlehem, dragging childhood companion Meshach into another one of her "hare brained" schemes.

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Mary [Christmas Monologues] - Christine Trevino

Meanwhile King Herod takes extreme measures to protect his throne from a rival king. Summary : A series of Readers Theater vignettes covering the Christmas story. Scripture : Based on Matthew , Luke Demons try to discourage Mary from accepting God's plan while David, Ruth and Rahab encourage her to submit.

The egotistical stars, a frantic Mr. Sandman and one lost child will have the audience laughing Mr Sandman can't figure out what he is to do with the newest star who shows up without orders. Summary : Folks are startled when an alien lands and wants to know what Christmas is all about, but not nearly as much as when they realize how shallow their attitudes are. Summary : The nativity story in dramatic format for mature casts.

Only Joseph and Elizabeth truly believe her claims to have seen an angel.

Reader Interactions

The final scene occurs at a well in Samaria with Jesus talking to a woman who came to draw water. Duration : 25min Actors : 10F, 8M with doubling possible. Extras as angels, Magi, shepherds and servants. Scripture reference : Luke , Matthew One set is staid and conservative, the other is ex-hippie and charismatic. Style : Dramatic, with light touches.

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Duration : 30min approx Actors : 4M, 3F. Summary : Christmas raises the question of whether we are available to do what God asks us to do. This script contrasts different attitudes to being willing to fit in with God's purposes. Duration : min. Summary : A monologue by Mary right after the birth of Jesus. This was written as part of an Advent series.

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  • Summary : A monologue by Gabriel, talking about delivering messages to people. Summary : A monologue by Zacharias right before the birth of John. Summary : Anna and Simeon share their thoughts as Jesus is being brought into the temple for dedication. Summary : Two friends mull over the significance of Christmas.

    We see the wives of the Wise men getting ready to send off their husbands and their fears and hopes for the journey. Actors : 3F. Summary : This drama is portrayed as a live television reality show hosted by Mr. Jeremy Kyle and his team of trained researchers, medical and psychological experts. Summary : A teenager finds her Christmas vision in working with a blind lady for a service project at school. She realizes God can work wonders in any situation.

    Christmas at Oak Leaf Manor

    Duration : 50min. Actors : 5M, 4F. Attachments: Catherine's Christmas. He talks about his feelings and how he decides not to divorce her. Duration : 5min. Actors : 1M Scriptures : Matthew 1: 18 - 24, Luke 1: 26 - Summary : Neither Mary's family nor Joseph believe that the baby she is bearing comes from God.

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    Only her cousin Elizabeth understands. Duration : 5min Actors : 3F, 1M.