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You have control over your body and the kinds of messages that your body sends out. Your body language communicates all the emotions you feel, just as a baby communicates whether she is happy or not. It is evident for everyone to see. When you are happy and excited we can all see this by your smile, happy feet, and outstretched arms.

What your body says to me is more accurate than what you say and it speaks to me before you do. So always be aware that often we can tell what you are thinking or feeling before you speak. If you learn to read the body language of your friends, they will find great comfort in you because you care to know how they feel. You can use body language to let others know that you like them and care for them, without ever having to say a word. Just like when you hug me or hold my hand, I can tell you love me without having to say it.

In the same way that when you want to leave or avoid someone, your body tells me how you feel. Your intentions are communicated by your body language also. Some people are very sensitive to their body space and so when you get too close or sit too close they feel uncomfortable. Be aware that sometimes other children or adults need just a little bit more space. If your own body ever feels uncomfortable around someone, please let me know when it happens so I can help you to understand why it is that you feel that way.

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Nonverbal Communication

Additionally Psychology Today posts on the subject can be located under Spycatcher or you can follow me on Twitter: navarrotells. Additional information and training programs are available at www.

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A nice article that brings to mind a complimentary book for teaching children about their emotions is by Dr. John Gottman:. Haim Ginott's classic work teaching parents how to effectively communicate verbally and nonverbally with their children:. I want to thank those who posted earlier about the work of Gottman and Ginott as well as the Child Wtching book.

I am not familiar with their work as of yet. Usually when I write I try not to be influenced by others but these definately require some study on my part, especially if I am going to write a book on the subject. A few resources:. In a recent episode on Dr. Phil, the beginning part of the show discussed Muslim youth experiencing bias and being bullied in school. Apparently, the Muslim guy felt so threatened by the football players, and in self defense, he reacted with violence, and is now in juvenile hall. What is your nonverbal communication advice for children experiencing bullying or relational aggression in school in general?

Boys tend to be physical and girls tend to be resort to passive aggressive at the group level rumors, exclusion, etc. And especially for Muslim children and youth in school? Jack Shaheen:. How can parents teach children to harness the power of nonverbal communication to be more accepted - or at least respected?

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To build bridges instead of barriers? To prevent a situation from escalating? And within their developmental ranges? There are three sides to the incident: the Shawki, the other boys involved, and the school. It is discussed in different segments:. Victims of Bias? She says one of her sons, Shawki, was expelled for fighting and had to spend days in juvenile hall, an incident that made local headlines. Chaos in the Classroom Muyassar and her children meet with school officials to get to the bottom of their conflict. Plus, the mother of the teen involved in a fight with Muyassar's son weighs in.

How can nonverbals be used by children and youth to prevent such incidences from occurring using assertiveness?

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Are teachers taught about nonverbals in the classroom and in school settings? Another excellent book related to children and why parents understanding of nonverbals is important:. A great article.

Chapter 2: Communicating with Older Patients

I love the pragmatic 1 — 9 ideas handy for any educator or manager. Keep up the good work Jane. Thank you for a very informative and confirmation of communication. More people should read and learn these communication skills. I really appreciated your article on communication. You are right on and I am sharing your article with others.

It is one thing to be able to talk but another to speak effectively thank you again for your insight.

Nonverbal Communication

What is your last name? I included a quote from this article in my paper and I need to cite this appropriately. Thank you! Very informative and helpful. Very valuable materials you shared, thanks Jane optimistically am looking for up coming materials and other relevant stuff. Congrats Jane. This is one of the best literal piece I have come across. It is deep,descriptive and expertly summarised. Am impressed.

I personally believe it is crucial that we maintain the interaction and communication with people not just looking at a computer screen for hours on end or playing digital games without […]. You can improve your communication skillset by volunteering yourself to take on public speaking engagements, workplace presentations, or even […]. Moreover, now that the internet age has dawned upon us, you […]. If you only give half the information, or […].

In a personal blog, Jane writes to her readers about ways to fix this issue immediately. The author discusses nine effective […]. What matters is the clarity of our words and our ability to convey ourselves in a positive and impactful way. But like many things worth doing in life, becoming a good communicator is easier said than done. Rather it is about your ability to sending clear information. It is about your ability to adapting and communicating what you think and […].

Assigning specific communication channels for different tasks can help define business processes […]. Communication is considered to be an exchange of information, which can be achieved through talking, the written word or another mediu…. Importantly communication is not just the words that you impart. It also includes non-verbal […]. Click to read tips for communicating effectively. By searching yourself, you can even look for skills to help you in specific […].

As a working mom you want to be confident and assertive in the workplace, but how can you do this […]. Communicating effectively can help you in your career, and in your relationships.