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But the darkness doesn't yield its secrets easily.

As they edge closer to the truth, it becomes clear that something evil knows their every move, and this time it's targeting the person Will needs most of all. Lost in a frozen landscape, powerful adversaries are locked in a battle that not everyone can survive, as destiny collides with a sorcerer's dark arts Wignall is the author of five novels for adults and a number of acclaimed short stories.

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Alchemy The Mercian Trilogy, 2. Type: speculative fiction Speculative fiction is a broad umbrella category of narrative fiction referring to any fiction story that includes elements, settings and characters whose features are created out of imagination and speculation rather than based on attested reality and everyday life.

J Wignall brings us back to the Merican Trilogy with Alchemy The story begins shortly after the end of Blood Eloise has returned to school with the purpose of investigating Will s past Only visiting Eloise in the evening, Will has inhabited his family s property But danger has risked Eloise s safety, forcing Will to keep her safe A sorcerer named Wyndham is a threat, keeping watch over their actions The plot progresses and the momentum moves forward Can Will keep Eloise safe And will they find what they re looking for Each moment is cataloged in a journal style entry with a third person narrative Wignall changes Will s voice, which makes him a little appealing It was hard for me to connect to him in Blood, but that changes a bit in Alchemy Will is a little believable, a little human Will s emotions, his vulnerabilities and fears were the one thing that allowed me to connect to him There was a moment of disparity that made me long for his well being.

It s rare that I would like a sequel I worry about the sopho slump when reading series I ve been burned too many times Luckily, I actually enjoyed Alchemy than the first book in The Mercian Trilogy series, Blood The characters that were introduced in the first book are given much depth here, and we have the added bonus of the villain s backstory, giving insight into why Wyndham is after the vampire William of Mercia, and the history of Wyndham s alchemical experiments in an effort to live long enough to destroy Will There s also plenty of action to keep the reader interested.

Alchemy by K. J. Wignall (Paperback, 2012)

Something that bugs me in young adult novels is when the romance is too easy Often, stress on relationships is introduced through a third romantic party, acting as a rival to be overcome in order to demonstrate the truth of the love Otherwise, the heroine never doubts her love of the hero, even if he is of questionable character or does bad things However, Wignall allows Eloise to actually glimpse into the true nature of Will s vampiric life, and the evil that he s done over many centuries This is the crack in their r Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.

In this story we have Will who is a child who has lived for hundreds of years He is a vampire and one who is foretold to be the Vampire King He of course has a girl, Eloise who he likes and who actually likes him in return and who is necessary to complete his journey Sounds like a plain old vampire book right Well what we have in this one is an arch enemy who has figured out how to remain alive Wyndham is a man whose mother saw the young Will as a child and again as an adult and basically went a bit nuts and thought he was a demon and sets her son on the path to immortality and a hunt for the young boy Will Will isn t an evil vampire he is a young boy in many ways even though he has lived hundreds of years He kills to survive not because he wants to he also tries to kill those who are not needed by society because of one thing or another Usually he preys on the poor and downtrodden although a thief or two is always a good mix.

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We spend a lot of this book searching for Will s destiny And even time trying to figure out what is behind the entire plot to destroy him that goes far beyond a man trying to kill a vampire and is o After reading the first book in the series, Blood, I was interested enough to carry on to read Alchemy I m glad I did because Alchemy really raises the bar.

Eloise returns to her old school and Will stays close, visiting her at night and continuing to research his history and the mysterious forces of a sorcerer named Wyndham But every step they take, they are being watched And not by forces that intend to help them.

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Alchemy s fast pace drew me in and kept me reading There are some scary scenes, reminding me of older vampire stories where the vampires do not sparkle And that s one of the best things about this series These people are dangerous Like in book one, there is a strong sense of unease and darkness waiting for them everywhere The third person narrative worked nicely in this story, as the first person was NOT Will but Wyndham Yes, reader You get a small peak into the inside of the sorcerer s mind Fun, well done and it played really well off of Will and Eloise s adventures It also gave depth to Wyndham as a character and didn t leave him as this flat, big baddie no one understands.

I wasn t as.