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Reference checks will be completed prior to offering you employment. Proven, practical advice covers everything you need to know about stress management and life management, from coping with stress to being assertive, building supportive relationships, taking risks, making decisions, staying healthy, dealing with fears and misconceptions, recognizing perfectionism, using positive self-talk-even growing a funny bone.

But what if, instead of letting your anger take control, you were able to harness it in constructive ways? From Anger to Action is a comprehensive mindfulness program to help teens understand and channel anger into healthy expressions of creativity, advocacy, and empowerment.

These books for toddlers and preschoolers use simple phrases to help young children learn to manage their feelings. The books include helpful hints for parents and caregivers.

Anger: Books for Families List

All titles are illustrated by Marieka Heinlen with colourful, charming pictures of children at play. Helping Your Angry Child , written by three leading anger researchers, is an interactive, self-help workbook written for you, the parent, with real-world solutions for helping your child deal with anger and rage.

Based on over ten years of clinical study and experience, the authors learned that when a child expresses anger, most likely the parent takes it personally and gets caught in negative reactions. This new book teaches essential skills that will put you safely back in your parental role, helping you and your child cope with anger in healthy ways. Included are many interactive worksheets that will help the entire family by practicing these new skills feel closer and more unified.

You will learn how to:.

Does your teen get angry easily or act out? Parenting a teen is hard enough, but parenting an angry teen is especially difficult. You might feel unable to keep your own cool during disagreements, or even worry that your relationship with your teen is doomed. So, how can you make sure you stay grounded when the drama rises and re-establish a sense of connection? Written by a psychologist and teen expert, this book offers techniques based in mindfulness, compassion, and positive psychology to help you face the challenges that parenting an angry teen presents.

Hold Your Temper Tiger. Little Tiger has a temper! He stomps his paws, cries, and growls when he doesn't want to do something. Where will he hold his temper? In his pocket This book offers a unique approach to one of the most pressing problems of our time…anger in children and adolescents. Child psychologist, Jerry Wilde, speaks directly to kids in a language they can easily understand.


Everyone gets angry sometimes. But if you're angry a lot Pre-teens and young teens will find this a user-friendly, non-condescending, guide to anger and stress issues; and will learn a variety of techniques for anticipating, avoiding and reducing anger problems.

Tools to Support Your Child's Development

Additional resources for kids and parents are listed in the back. Text and pictures relate situations which sometimes result in such reactions as frustration, anxiety, humiliation, and loss of control. Books can help children accept and acknowledge difficult emotions, ad help them distinguish between feelings and actions.

I'm Mad gives kids several ways to cope with feelings by utilizing the book's "choose-your-own-ending" format, and allows parents and teachers to discuss other situations in a nonjudgmental way. Do you ever feel so frustrated with school, friends, parents, and life in general that you lose control of your emotions and lash out? You shouldn't feel ashamed. Being a teen in today's world is hard, but it's even harder when you're unable to keep your cool in stressful situations. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make positive changes in your life.

Inside, you'll learn how to make better choices, how to stop overreacting, find emotional balance, and be more aware of your thoughts and feelings in the moment. You'll also learn skills for building positive relationships with peers, friends, and family. As a teen, the relationship skills you learn now can help you thrive in the future. With a little help, and by cultivating compassion and understanding for yourself and others, you will be able to transform your fear and anger into confidence and kindness.

Moody Cow is having a terrible, angry day, until Grandfather teaches Moody Cow how to let go of angry thoughts and calm down. The Most Magnificent Thing. A young girl has a wonderful idea. She knows just how it will look.

She knows just how it will work. All she has to do is make it, and she makes things all the time. But making her magnificent thing is anything but easy, and the girl tries and fails, repeatedly. Eventually, the girl gets really, really mad.

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She is so mad, in fact, that she quits. But after her dog convinces her to take a walk, she comes back to her project with renewed enthusiasm and manages to get it just right. For the early grades' exploration of character education, this funny book offers a perfect example of the rewards of perseverance and creativity. The girl's frustration and anger are vividly depicted in the detailed art, and the story offers good options for dealing honestly with these feelings, while at the same time reassuring children that it's okay to make mistakes.

When babies don't get their way, they have a tantrum. Do big kids have tantrums? Big Kids know how to take a deep breath, calm down, and use their words! Every child's life is filled with milestones.

Empowering Children with Better Emotional Skills

Some happen easily; others need a little extra support. Drawing upon her own experiences, artist and mom Maria van Lieshout has created an engaging series of books just right for children on the brink of major changes and the caregivers who encourage them. Includes a "Note to Parents, Teachers, and Other Grown-Ups" with more information about the steps of the "" rhyme, and advice for working through the steps with your child.

Deep inside everyone, a red beast lies sleeping. When it is asleep, the red beast is quite small, but when it wakes up, it begins to grow and grow. This is the story of a red beast that was awakened.

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Children pay close attention to their parents' moods. When parents feel upset, their kids may become anxious, and when parents wind down, children also get the chance to relax. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, it can be hard to help your child feel balanced. You'll learn proven relaxation techniques, including deep breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness, and yoga, and then receive guidance for teaching them to your child. Your child will also discover how taking time to do art and creative projects can create a sense of fulfillment and calm. By completing just one ten-minute activity from this workbook each day, you'll make relaxation a family habit that will stay with both you and your child for a lifetime.

The hero of this picture book, Sam, has to wait for everything on the playground one day, and this makes him mad. Suddenly, an unusual thing appears. It runs around, shoving and tripping and pinching and stomping, until all the other children have run away. It was a Temper. At first, having a pet Temper is fun. But before long, the Temper starts causing trouble for Sam. And eventually, Sam comes to the realization that his Temper is something he needs to learn to control.

Children get angry for many different reasons. Young children may throw tantrums when they are tired, frustrated, or unhappy. Teens may use anger to either get what they want or get out of doing something they don't like, such as homework or chores. Helping her develop coping skills before an anxiety attack has been huge for helping our daily activities run smoothly.

These 15 Mindfulness and Relaxation Books for Kids are some of our favorites that we have discovered while on this journey.

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  7. Peaceful Piggy Meditation. So how do young piggies find a peaceful place in a frustrating world? They meditate! Buy this book on Amazon. Pebble meditation is a playful and fun activity that parents and educators can do with their children to introduce them to meditation. It is designed to involve children in a hands-on and creative way that touches on their interconnection with nature.

    Practicing pebble meditation can help relieve stress, increase concentration, nourish gratitude, and can help children deal with difficult emotions. Kids of any age will learn simple exercises to help manage stress and emotions, find focus, and face challenges.

    In this picture book for children and adults, illustrated by Jim Durk, who is adored by thousands of children for his many Clifford the Big Red Dog and Thomas the Steam Engine books, a young boy discovers his mind is like a puppy, always wandering away, into the past or the future. He sets about learning to train his puppy mind to heel to the present moment. Through remembering to breathe, the boy becomes a stronger and more caring master of his puppy mind, keeping it in the present, if only for a moment.

    Breathe Like a Bear is a beautifully illustrated collection of mindfulness exercises designed to teach kids techniques for managing their bodies, breath, and emotions.