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When you start a consulting service or invest in an art fund, you are an outsider seeking to make money in a shadowy market filled with brilliant insiders just like him.

No wonder it rarely works. As I talked to art advisers and economists, I kept thinking of my childhood in Westbeth, a subsidized housing complex for artists in Greenwich Village. Our neighbors, painters and sculptors among them, were decidedly not rich. To them, the very idea that art should make someone wealthy was laughable, even offensive.

It makes me happy to think that this world of art-as-investment is a minuscule fraction of the art world overall. Most people who create, trade and own art do it for a much simpler reason. They just like it. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (Shine Control)

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Politics N. What was Narcisse taste like? March 16, at am. And yes, I like taking my tea-shopping seriously. Danaki: Yes, communication! I love Hada Labo, and now I even bought their milk for light summer days when a moisturizer before SPF might be too heavy. It now mixes with my body lotions or my face cream for my neck. Better than wasting it I suppose. Victoria : Oh, what a great idea! I will do that too. Thank you for sharing this tip. Those smart molecules! Carla: Now I have a doubt about my drawer full of creams! This woman says just wash your face with water? But too much carrot juice is not a good idea either.

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Carla: I agree! Victoria : Hear, hear! Lily: I went through their whole product line yesterday and made a list of everything I was interested in, then chose a few to start with that did not have a direct overlap with something currently in my cabinet either as a staple, a one-off I liked enough to finish if not re-purchase, and samples.

I have skin that is terribly sensitive to silicones cause cystic acne , so I really appreciated how many of their were silicone-free…that is truly a rarity in skincare. The only thing I have added in that vein, though, is a non-alcohol toner. I have pretty balanced skin, though I tend more to oily than dry, at least in this climate southeast US. Had a shortlist of about 10 products that appealed. Is the monthly perfume thread a good place for that? This post? Maybe also a retinoid later evening only, sunscreen during the day is a must.

You can post here or in the monthly recommendation thread. It would be great to read your thoughts as you sample the products. Next fall, I think! Assuming I like these enough to try more. Victoria : A good idea. I avoid it in the summer, especially when I travel and I am in the sun a lot during the day.

The Ordinary Skincare Review - 22 Products

My skin is starting to look a little more radiant, maybe a bit more even. The biggest uneven pigmentations are chin from Rosacea and a couple red marks from a run-in a couple months back with a hidden silicone that caused a cyst on each cheek. The vitamin C was not as irritating as expected. I guess I felt a vague sting the first application but none since have used 4x. It also absorbed easier than I expected after all the comments about its graininess.

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Def like the quality especially for the price! April 6, at am Reply. I have actually had trouble finding reviews of the MAP cream. How would you describe the texture and finish of the MAP cream? Thanks for the insight. I will use it once or twice a week since I currently using La Roche-Posay Toleriane ultra overnight, which contains Niaciamide. Victoria : You can certainly use the Vitamin C Suspension in the morning too.

Do you think mixing the two is ok? Does it contain niacinamide? It would be the only concern. The texture of the Vitamin C serum is not greasy, but it can make certain sunscreens peel off. Or wait till you use up your current products and try it then. I think, as you said, will have to experiment with it. March 16, at pm Reply. I understand that retinol has a greater likelihood to cause irritation, but I still thought that it was odd given that both are sold. Who knows? Certainly, part of the reason I even take the time for skincare is psychological; it simply brings me pleasure, and for that reason alone I try not to worry too much about improperly combining products and whatnot.

March 15, at am Reply. Victoria : Generally, layering retinoids is too irritating for most people, and the effect is not worth the red, peeling skin.

The Ordinary : Review with Sample Routines

But if yours can stand it and you like the results, there are no dangers. There was definitely a bias against their making actual recommendations.

I wonder how much of that is FDA type concerns if they are a different kind of company than a major cosmetics co in terms of how their effectiveness claims would be evaluated , or if it is the difference between US law and Canadian. But for all that I only scratched the surface on ingredients basically catalogued what I used and what my mom used and looked for divergences till I found the culprit , it was soooo much more than I had ever done or even thought to do.

Andy : I like the research angle too, I find it more helpful than anything to have some scientific information at hand when purchasing a product. At the time, the copy seemed very convincing, and it irked me slightly that I was waffling between the two. Victoria : I was also puzzled about it. Nina Z: Haha, I read this post twice and I still feel confused.

I tend to alternate nights, having a Retinol night and a Vitamin C night. My skin seems to love exfoliation, so I alternate using an everyday glycolic acid in the morning and every other evening the 2 percent BHA salicylic acid.

Get e-book For the Ordinary Artist Short Reviews, Occasional Pieces and More

I use to have flakey skin on my arms and parts of my face and have notice I difference since I started using them a year ago. You can use Buffet first thing before anything else in the morning and Vitamin C before anything else in either the evening. You can layer your products any way you like, but make sure that nothing you layer contains Niacinamide and Vitamin C.

Nina Z: Thank you so much, Victoria! I am a major skincare junkie. I read blogs, skincare websites, shop for, buy, and test products all the time. I know what my skin needs, what my skin likes, and how to build a routine. And can I possibly get some other descriptors about the texture is it watery?

Again, thank you for providing some direction! Sorry for the rant, but the entire website desperately needs some writers who know how to talk to end-users. It could also use some reorganization.